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Welcome to the Why Urology podcast with Dr. Todd Brandt.

This podcast is my personal attempt to teach you about your genito-urinary tract, what can go wrong, and how your urologist may just become your superhero.

The name of the podcast comes from my ongoing need to answer the question that I get so often from patients, friends, and family, “Why Urology? Why did you choose to become a urologist?”

Jan 24, 2021

In this episode I interview medical student, Parker Adams.

Parker is in his final year of medical school and applying for a urology residency training program. His match day for Urology this year is Feb 1st.

Parker is also a podcaster. His podcast, Rod Squad, is aimed at medical students learning urology. Find his...

Dec 31, 2020

Welcome to the Why Urology Podcast.

This is episode number 101, an interview with Dr. Alex Tatem about shock wave therapy (SWT) for treating men with erectile dysfunction.

Shock wave therapy is a developing technology within the field of urology, a technology not universally endorsed, encouraged, or employed in urologic...

Nov 22, 2020

Thank you for listening to this episode of the Why Urology Podcast.

This is episode number 100, a milestone in my podcasting journey. This podcast started with a single question, “Why Urology?” In this podcast episode, at the very end, I give you the answer.

Just a heads up this episode is the last episode for 2020....

Sep 13, 2020

The ureter is the long thin little muscular structure that transports urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

The ureter is a relatively small player in the urinary system but a very important one. It doesn’t get talked about enough because it is often thought of as just a transport tube from the kidneys, the star of...

Aug 28, 2020

Transitional Cell Cancer forms in the renal pelvis and ureter as well as in the bladder. In this episode Dr. Mikhail Regelman and I discuss how we diagnose and treat this disease